Okumura, Yukio.
Aged: 15 years. Class: Dragoon, Demon Pharmaceuticals specialist and Instructor at True Cross Academy. At your service might I add.

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Amaimon hummed distractedly as he walked along the railing of one of True Cross Academy’s very high walkways. There were many such as these but none of those were his favorite. None of the others had the utter drop that this one did below them. Instead their undersides were populated with various other walkways and buildings. Not this one. Nothing but empty air between here and the ground…and it was a long, long drop. Certain death for even one such as him should he land wrong.

Carelessly, Amaimon spun and leaped along the railing, throwing his balance and weight crazily this way and that from toe to heel and back again in his own special dance with Death. Suddenly, admist all the motion he freezes, arms outstretched, weight balanced precariously on slipping heels…then he falls, down, down, and down.

Will he turn over in time but with less height than before? Or with his miscount and shatter every bone in his body? Amaimon can only guess in morbid excitement.

The younger Okumura was wandering about the campus grounds. He had been relegated to patrol the campus grounds until dusk. He simply sighed as straightened out his coat. Usually these routine patrols went off without a hitch, just another means of collecting some easy overtime.

The boy began to scuttle across the expanse of the bridge when he noted he wasn’t as alone as he first thought. His eyes strained as he noted the figure of a person flailing about the railing. In a near knee-jerk reaction he bolted towards the figure not wanting to startle them into —falling?! A suicidal student?!

shit shit shit.

The wind blew about his face as he jogged so quickly that small tears broke out at the corner’s of his eyes. The figure teetered and wobbled precariously.

"WAIT, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO END LIKE THIS!" he barked. The figure disappeared across the side of the railing just as Yukio careened into the concrete and caught hold of the tattered coat barely in time.

"Are you al—!!!" The boy coughed, trying to catch his breath. He soon then realized…this was no student…

"A-Amaimon?" he gasped.

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"Usagi…." He smiled warmly. 


imageOur daughter is really happy! ♥

He blushed as he knelt down to gently pet the small creature. “You’re taking good care of her correct?” He peeked to see the small bunny was well taken care of and plump. 

"Be careful not to over feed her now."

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